Bosnick Roofing Emphasizes Safety.

Safety is an integral practice at Bosnick Roofing. All of our projects are driven to deliver the highest level of safety. Our safe transportation of products and personnel, safe operational practices, and safe working conditions enable us to protect our employees, customers, and the structures we work on.

Operating an industry-leading roofing company requires a dedicated commitment to safety from every member of our team. We place daily emphasis on keeping our employees and the work sites safe through continued evaluation and control of hazards, thorough employee training, and adherence to all laws, regulations, and standards that govern our industry.

It is required of all Bosnick Roofing employees to work in accordance with our safety program to prevent injury, damage, and/or loss of property.

We are proud of our commitment to safety and strive for excellence in the workplace.

Our Safety Record

Bosnick Roofing’s commitment to high safety standards and practices has resulted in a reduction of safety-related incidents over the years. We work to eliminate injuries and accidents in many ways, including:

  • Accident prevention planning
  • Weekly team safety meetings
  • Continuous safety training
  • Drug free workplace
  • Safety committees
  • Safety inspections
  • Daily report and follow-up measures to any incidents

Bosnick Roofing works through our Industry Associations to continuously improve our performance.

Bosnick Roofing is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Washington State Roofing Contractors Association; both require strict adherence to responsible roofing codes and practices.